1. Who we are

Continental Logistics Network Ltd (CLN) was incorporated as a company in the year 2005 by Kenyan Nationals. We are registered in accordance with Companies Act (cap 486) laws of Kenya, Certificate of Incorporation No C114747. We have all the requisite licenses as required by law to perform the services and enter into a contract. We are members of the following professional organizations;

  1. Kenya International Freight & Warehousing Association (KIFWA)
  2. International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)

We subscribe to the code of professional ethics and conduct our business in line with the prescribed standards set by the above International Professional Organizations.

CLN provides integrated services which include transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding.

  1. Our Services

Logistics being our core competence, we possess experience, better know how and expertise. These experience and know how has been gained from our provision of third party logistics that we have established and has enabled us to provide cost efficiency. Our equipment and IT systems are constantly updated and adapted to meet the new requirements of our Clients who in turn will be able to meet the demands of their customers. In summary as your logistics provider we are able to meet the technical requirements in a faster and more cost efficient manner thus creating time and cost savings for the Client.

The fact that we handle most or all operative functions we eliminate the need for the client to lease/own warehouses or transport assets. This is very beneficial to the Client especially where there are wide deviations (seasonal) in warehouse capacity utilization because this is a fixed cost which includes insurance, security, personnel etc. The Client therefore will eliminate the need to have own warehouses.

As your logistics provider we take up the burden of ensuring that your goods are received and delivered in good order, quantity, properly packaged, labelled and on time all the time thus permit the Client to focus even more on their real core business.

CLN can provide a much higher flexibility in geographic aspects and can offer a much larger variety of services than the Clients could provide themselves. In addition to that, the client gets flexibility in resources and workforce size and logistics which will turn fixed costs into variable costs.